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Starting Again

Give me a beautiful life
They say how great things just can be
Can be

I need a plenty of time
Get myself out of the lies I’ve heard
I’ve heard

But it’s too late
I’m coming home

And love or hate
I can’t tell which one is real
Get me out of here

A little sorrow please
My heart is bent on its knees now
Bleeding apart

A little gratitude
You always have to choose a side
Ever so blinding

How can we believe it’s right
When every right is based on wrong?

I’m starting again
Don’t know where to begin
Waiting for the rapture
Better days

I’m starting again
Trying just to forget
Times when clouds got higher
Higher on me

A little patience please
Good things take usually so long
Long to come

How can we believe it comes
When everyone seems to look away?

I feel much better now than before